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The internet has now become a very important, popular, and simple way of communicating with a large number of people.

We cannot boycott the use of the internet, regardless of the type of ministry we are in; Jesus Christ wants us to be everywhere to spread the Gospel. I believe that if Peter and Paul had something like YouTube during their time, we would have seen more of what they did with our own eyes rather than the written word.

One advantage of the internet is that things stored in clouds remain there indefinitely unless you, the owner, decide to delete them.

Powerful ministers such as Reinhard Bonnke, Billy Graham, and Archbishop Benson Idahosa have left messages that are still available on the internet.

Even as they are no longer alive, people continue to change through their old messages for the better. This is the power of the internet.

I’m going to show you three internet resources that can help you take your ministry to the next level.

First, let’s look at how having a minitrial website can help you reach millions of people.


The website is a virtual world where we can store information. There are various types of websites, such as web 1.0, web 2.0, and others.

The web 1.0 is a static website; these are the types of websites used by businesses and ministries to provide information about their organizations, whereas the web 2.0 is a social network that includes blogs and social media websites. The Web 2.0 is also called dynamic website.

I’d like to walk you through the blog, which is part of the social network, because as a ministry, you need to get engagement from internet users, and you can change information whenever you want.

You can build a blog and turn it into your ministries website because you would like to update contents or write messages that people will read from your website.

When a ministry maintains information on a website, whenever people visit the website, they learn more about the ministry, the minister, and they can also increase their faith online through the sermons, like the ones which I write about every day on my blog.

I’ll just give you the materials to watch, and you’ll do the practical at the end.

If you require a guide, please contact me and we will provide one for the ministry.

If you are learning it on your own and are having difficulties, you can WhatsApp or call me and I will help you successfully build a website for your ministry.

Start A Christian Blog Or Website

Static Website Using BlogSpot


You must establish a social media presence for your ministry. Having social media handles allows you to connect with millions of people on the internet. Many pastors have testimonies about how their ministry grew as a result of social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, which have become increasingly important in recent years. Every day and every second, millions of people are online, and it has never changed to thousands, even within a minute.

You have to build a Facebook Page for the ministry, YouTube account and other platforms.

Just tap on the links and learn on YouTube. If you need any guidance I am around

When you observe the practical, everything I write to you will become effective as knowledge to you. By the grace of God, I learned all of this through YouTube. Nobody taught me one-on-one or face-to-face, but by God’s grace, I learned them all through YouTube, which has greatly aided me and my ministry.

How To Create A Church Facebook Page

How to Create A YouTube Channel


means of distributing your sermons online for people to hear Because YouTube is audiovisual, the Podcast is audible, allowing people to hear your sermons whenever they see your messages.
We have many platforms where you can create your own Podcast and have people follow you and listen to your messages.
There are free podcast platforms available, such as;



Please, these are the best two platforms I’ve ever used, and they don’t change you in any way.

You can see my messages right now if you go to Google and type my name “Philip Quateh.”

Please click on the links to watch the tutorials, which will benefit your ministry.

Comment on the comment section if you want to ask any question. Thank you very much!

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